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Calvin & Hobbes facts

So, what other facts do you have to share? I'm looking for some "odd" facts, not just why C&H are named C&H, people have done pages about that already. I'll make links to them as soon as possible. It's up to you, what facts do you have?

I got this letter from Henry Jones:

You asked for some "odd" facts, I have two off the top of my head.

You might now this, but the idea of Hobbes pouncing on Calvin was from
Bill's cat, Sprite.  The first time Hobbes attacted Calvin was in his room.
Not the front door.

In one comic, Calvin writes a story about "Barney's Dad" who gets locked in
the celler.  Next to Bill's signature is "+HOBS".  Look for it.
                        Henry Jones

        P.S.  You know who Calvin's principals name is, right?

Yes, the principals name is Mr. Spittle.
Samuel Ryan (egrefwr@apci.com) wrote:

Also, I see that you're asking for odd facts. Here are a couple.
Did you know that Calvin writes with both hands? Look for him
writing with his left hand. And most people may have noticed
this, but in the Duplicator story, as the duplicates run
into the box to get away from Calvin's mom, in one panel
there is one too many Calvins (seven instead of six), and
the extra calvin does not have a striped shirt :\

Mills Perry (mills@execpc.com) wrote:

You already printed a fact about Calvin being ambidextrous in his
writing, but sometimes Calvin will be wearing a glove on a different
hand in each panel in the baseball strips. Look for it.

mccart (mccart@blrg.tds.net) wrote:
Subject: cool factoid

in the sunday strip where calvin is reading a comicbook and it is
illustrated like a comic book. This guy get blown in the middle and you can
see his spine. Under Watterson's signature it say Coloring-writing-and some
other thnigs....

Jesse Shipley (SpacemanSpiffJS@webtv.net) wrote:
Subject: C&H Facts

I just wanted to mension the super hero that came before STUPENDOUSE
MAN. The character Caitin Napalm only apeared twice thoughout all the
Calvin and Hobbes books once in the 1st book and once in anotherI think
it was Yukon Ho!

Jesse High (jphach@northwestnet.net) wrote:
here are some Q&A's I thought you might not of known!

Q. Do you know how many sofas Calvin's family has?
A. They have 8 different sofa's in Calvin's house.

Q. What is Calvin's robotic doctor's name?
A. Doctor 5-40.

Q. What is Calvin's monstor snowman called?
A. The Torment Of Existance Weighed Against The Horror Of Nonbeing.

Gary W. Guidi (gguidi@hometheater1.com) wrote:
Subject: teacher

You may already know this but calvins teacher Ms. Wormwood was a carachter
in Roald Dahl's The screw tape letters and Matilda but in matilda she is
Mrs. Wormwood
James Schuster (jschuste@hotmail.com) wrote
Ms. Wormwood's name was taken from the Screwtape Letters, but
it was written by C.S. Lewis, NOT Roald Dahl.
Gary D Rogers wrote:
Actually wormwood was a male not a female in the screwtape letters and
he was screwtape's nephew.

Ryan Ferneau wrote:
    My name is Ryan Ferneau, and I have found a few fun facts to enjoy.

    I've looked at some Spanish strip samples of Calvin and Hobbes, and I
noticed that in Spanish, Susie's name is spelled "Susi," without the "e" at
the end.

    I know a few funny facts about Stupendous Man.  I already know that
Calvin fantasized about being superheroes before Stupendous Man (Captain
Napalm, from Calvin's comic books, and familiar Superman imitations), but
there is another strip, printed BEFORE Calvin gets his costume in the book,
Weirdos From Another Planet!.  It is printed in Yukon Ho!, and involoves
Calvin imagining that he is Stupendous Man, he hears a cry of distress, and
he must leap from a building to save the day.  But he hesitates, worried
about coming down so far, and then we see tha it is only Calvin, being
hesitant about going down the slide, while Susie is impatient and asks if he
needs a push.

    What's funny about this Stupendous Man is that the costume is a little
different: He still wears a cape, of course, but he has a mask (similar to
the Calvinball masks) instead of a hood.

    Things get a little strange, even in cartoons with the new Stupendous
Man.  I'll bet everybody's noticed that when Calvin is alone as Stupendous
Man, he does things that Calvin couldn't ordinarily do himself: fly, unscrew
a telescope lens, and even turn the earth backwards.  (I think he does it
mainly to try to make people believe that Stupendous Man relieved him of
certain responsibilities.)  But what's really interesting is that things are
different in a Stupendous Man fantasy: there's cool shading on him, just
like Tracer Bullet; and his usual daily outfit is exchanged for a more
impressive uniform.  It includes a plain red shirt and plain red pants,
instead of the striped red shirt and the black pants, and it has yellow
gloves, a yellow belt, and yellow shoes, too.

    My last unusual fact is that many people seem to forget Calvin's last
box invention, the Cerebral Enhance-O-Tron.  It's the power source for
Calvin's thinking cap, which enlarges his brain.  The funny part of this one
is that Hobbes SAYS "Click," and Calvin SAYS "Brzap," instead of the
machines making the noises themselves, like the Transmogrifier's "ZAP" and
the Duplicator's "BOINK."

Does anybody have these strips that are refered to by Ryan? I'd like to have a link to them. /Henrik
Sam Ryan (samryan@rocketmail.com) wrote:
Did you know that Calvin speaks five different languages? In one strip
or another, he has spoken in English (of course), Spanish, French,
German, and Latin. Here's a confusing subject. On page 96 of the
Essential Calvin and Hobbes, Rosalyn (or what I assume to be her) has
blond hair, completely contradicting the brown hair she is pictured
with on the Calvin and Hobbes' official site. Also, did you know
Calvin is a fan of Star Wars, Batman, and Bugs Bunny, but despises
anything from Disney. I'm not making this up. There's plenty of proof
if you look.

Gary Guidi (hi-rez@hometheater1.com) wrote:
I noticed that sometimes calvin has a watch an in the previous panel he dosent.

In the comic about the anonymous letter I noticed that even when Hobbes is
sitting he is taller than Calvin but when he stands up he is the same hight
as when he is sitting.

I noticed that calvins bed is in different positions once by the window and
once next to the door.

Chrissy Spallone wrote:
In many strips, our hero has five fingers. Others show him with only three
or four fingers! Also, you say that Calvin is ambidexterous.
Well, most of the characters in the strips are. Look for Susie, Calvin's
mom, etc. One more fact. We all know that Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs is
Calvin's favorite cereal. However, in a strip from Yukon Ho!, Calvin states,
"I won't eat any cereal that won't turn the milk purple. Chocolate Frosted
Sugar Bombs turn the milk brown.

Sara Phillips wrote:
    These facts aren't especially interesting compared to some others, but,
here it goes.  Calvin's parent have three cars.  Two hatchbacks, one red and
one purple, and one sedan of unknown colour.  Calvin has two favorite
cereals, Crunchy Sugar Bombs, and Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, althogh he
is forced to eat oatmeal, and sometimes Bran.  I counted statistics in the
three large treasuries, and I found that Calvin is likley to be depicted
crashing 40% of the time on bothe the sled with red runners and the

Jkg3@aol.com wrote:
In the early strips, hobbes has spots on the palm of his hand
but in the later strips he doesn't

Hamster Huey wrote:
I just wanted to provide some odd facts.  If you look at one of the
Stupendous man strips in i believe Homicidal Jungle Cat, Stupendous man
goes to school.  There he zips into the Classroom while Miss Wormwood
grabs runs after him.  In those strips, he proudly shouts out the
meaning of Each letter in Stupendous. For example,
S..for Stupendous!
T..for Tiger, ferocity of!
U..for Underwear, red!
P..for Power, incredible!
E..for Excellent physique!
In that strip there is a miss spelling because he goes from STUPENDU of

My second fact is that Calvin has two different gym teachers.  This may
not be odd because there usually are different gym teachers.  But there
is Mr. Lockjaw and another teacher in the Earlier strips.  This one may
not be odd but normal.
(added 1998-10-12)
Ryan Ferneau wrote:
I found another funny fact! Between two different strips, Susie's
handwriting changes. In an early story from Calvin and Hobbes, Susie passes
a note to Calvin which she says to pass to Jessica. Being sneaky, he reads
the note, but then he embarasses himself by finding out that the note WAS to
him, written to insult him for reading the note! (I still love the
punchline.) If you look at the handwriting of the note, you'll see that the
handwriting is wobbly and bouncy, very similar to Calvin's. In a story four
years later, which you can find in The Revenge of the Baby-Sat, Calvin sends
Susie a note to tease her after he has inadvertently gotten her into trouble
and sent to the front of the classroom. After reading the note, Susie starts
writing an even nastier note back, which gets her into even MORE trouble!
But if you look at the handwriting of the note there, you'll notice that the
handwriting is much different. It is extremely neat and easy to read. Not
surprisingly, Calvin's penmanship doesn't change at all during the course of
the strip.
(added 1998-10-12)


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